Articles for January 2015

List of categories in Prestashop 1.6

This week we had to create a page in Prestashop (exactly for Prestashop 1.6) with a list of categories, in order to show all first level categories.

Believe it or not, Prestashop does not include this feature to list categories, so we had to code a module for that purpose. The module has been built based on two works we found through Internet:

“Creating new pages in Prestashop” by nemops
“Homepage Categories Module” by jhnstcks 

Now, in order to give back to the community, we offer our work in a direct download link:


I already installed it, how can I see the list of categories?

It’s easy, you should visit this link:

Ok, and how could I create a friendly URL?

It’s also very easy, go to “Preferences” / “SEO+URLs” and create a new entry selecting “allcategories” module and controller. In our case, we created the url named “/coleccion”, so the list of categories will be shown in the URL :


If you have any trouble/doubts or you figure out how to improve the module, let us know via comments in this post 😀