List of categories in Prestashop 1.6

This week we had to create a page in Prestashop (exactly for Prestashop 1.6) with a list of categories, in order to show all first level categories.

Believe it or not, Prestashop does not include this feature to list categories, so we had to code a module for that purpose. The module has been built based on two works we found through Internet:

“Creating new pages in Prestashop” by nemops
“Homepage Categories Module” by jhnstcks 

Now, in order to give back to the community, we offer our work in a direct download link:


I already installed it, how can I see the list of categories?

It’s easy, you should visit this link:

Ok, and how could I create a friendly URL?

It’s also very easy, go to “Preferences” / “SEO+URLs” and create a new entry selecting “allcategories” module and controller. In our case, we created the url named “/coleccion”, so the list of categories will be shown in the URL :


If you have any trouble/doubts or you figure out how to improve the module, let us know via comments in this post 😀

A step forward

A few days ago we opened a new section in our web for the digital download of contents. The idea was first of all to offer our own developed software, as for exemple our software for the creative industry and for music royalty management, Data-Forward.

In addition, we’ve taken some decisions in order to get in touch with people and be able to sell our software all over the world. Our software is available in english, our web in english, french, spanish and catalan, and we’ve recorded a video in english that is publicly available via YouTube:

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In part, it’s an experiment to check how countries other  than Spain are doing during these years, but principally it’s a way to apply a global vision to our company as an important step forward.